Friday, 23 June 2017

8 strategies to boost your positive spirit at work

The most positive people can sometimes find this challenging : how do you manage to stay positive at work when bad news have come in and and when you are surrounded by complainers ? Being positive does not mean denying the existence of difficulties. 

Here are a few tips for you to consider :

1)    Break out of a victim mentality and focus on things you can change
Hate your job? Accepting your part of responsibility is the first step. What changes can you make to improve the situation? Have a talk with your boss about your responsibilities, a promotion …? Explore other avenues outside? As Henry Ford said “Don’t find fault, find a remedy”. Take charge of your life and find concrete answers to get back in control.

2)    Watch your language and remove negative generalizations
Indeed this co-worker is not always late, this colleague is not always in a bad mood. Expressing specific objective facts (she arrived late twice this week) helps put things into perspective.

3)    Enjoy the good stuff that happens today, in the present moment
There are nice moments in every work day even when it’s tough: celebrating good news with coworkers, reaching out to a colleague, having a productive meeting on a complex topic. At the end of the day, take some time to remember these good moments and to identify in what way they are important to you (in all likelihood they meet your needs and/or they help you advance towards your goals).

4)    Manage your energy at work
Have you noticed that it is much easier to be positive when you are back from a wonderful relaxing holiday? How do you keep this state of mind all year long? A basic tip is to watch your lifestyle: keeping a balanced diet, doing some regular physical activity 2 to 3 times a week, having regular breaks at work, getting enough sleep, not drinking too much caffeine.

5)    Regularly take stock of your strengths and successes
Do not wait for your annual performance appraisal interview to think about all your positive contributions in your job! Periodically write them down, for example when planning for the coming week or month. To list all your wins, big and small, will help you strengthen your motivation and your self-confidence ; in the longer run, it will also help you get a better understanding of your strengths. 

6)    Surround yourself with positive people, energy boosters
A positive attitude is contagious. This is a top trait hiring managers are seeking out in candidates. Positive people are more likely to receive feedback and to make progress, to be more creative and proactive in the search for solutions, and to have a beneficial impact on the whole team. Who are your energy boosters in your organization?

7)    Know when to say thank you and to celebrate achievements
To sincerely thank a colleague on the basis of specific facts has a hugely positive impact on the morale of the speaker who is expressing his appreciation and the listener’s. Additional benefit: it strengthens your relationship with the person.

8)    Use failure as a springboard to success
“There is no failure, only feedback”. Setbacks are part of the learning process allowing new progress and getting us closer to our goals.

Negative energy is contagious, but - good news - so is positive energy. Practice showing daily a bit of optimism and you will be surprised by the positive impact on yourself and on others.

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